OMG, the Hunter is Wanding!


Firing wands from a bow would be rather awesome.


I got out of a winning EOTS to find that I had an arrow stuck to my hand.  The thing is that it’s the coolest want I’ve ever seen!


I have the power to make my spider fart strawberry-scented rainbows!


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Stuff to Do Before Cata

Here is Njeri’s list of things to do before Cata. Some of them I’ve managed to do. So that’s good.

1) Get a protodrake of any kind.

Done! Thanks to Zug and Sorac, Less-rabi finally happened for me and I now have a shiny red protodrake. (I don’t care if other people had it a year ago! It’s new to me!)

2) Do AQ20, AQ 40 and get the red bug

3) Make the Timbermaw love me.

Done! It was actually easy to do now that each kill gives you 20 rep until revered instead of dwindling to 5 or 1 as your rep increased. Just keep the feathers until revered, then turn ’em in and profit. Once I hit exalted, I got to do a fun quest that involved shooting an elite lvl 60 satyr in the face. Then they gave me a trinket that lets me summon a thong wearing bear and a macaroni collage to give to Thrall. Now Thrall thinks I’m awesomesauce.

I bet Thrall never shouted about how awesome Garrosh is. Oh, that's right, cause he isn't.

4) Make the Thorium Brotherhood love me.

5) Get 25 Tabards. Just 2 away from this one.

6) Get the Hunter TIBAQ out of Molten Core.

7) Get the Kingslayer title.

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Freakin’ Garrosh

I’m so happy Vol’Jin has a pair and tells Garrosh where to stick it. “Don’t be shy… you come get the voodoo.”

Yummy Troll lore from!

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Goblin Mount

Just when I thought I didn’t need any more reason to roll a Gobo…

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Goblin Azshara

Yet another reason Goblins are freakin’ awesome. They’ll have a massive gun, missile silos, a pool, a jacuzzi, a golf course, racing highway, and a classy seafood restaurant!

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WoW Addiction Gone Too Far

We all hear about how people are meter-whores and can’t take their eyes off of Recount.  The problem is that these a$$h01es are bringing their fixation into real life.  Witness the Recount C0%k Ring.  It seems that TPS really means “thrusts per second”.

Proving that gear doesn't equal skill?

Keep in mind that you can just rush in and blow all your cool downs. You’ll get aggro!

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Goblins… I Can’t Wait

When Cata hits, I’m making a gobo.  Yup.  It’s gonna happen.

And just check out this dance!

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